The GUI Championships is an inter-website contest in which top graphic designers from around the world compete for cash and prizes.

This year's contest focuses on WindowBlinds, and static or animated wallpaper. Anyone can participate.

The 2012 GUI Championships are sponsored by:

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  1. Sept 4:Submissions are Open
  2. Oct 31:Wallpaper Submissions Closed
  3. Nov 06:Wallpaper Community Voting Begins
  4. Nov 12:Wallpaper Community Voting Ends
  5. Nov 13:Wallpaper Winners Announced
  6. Nov 13:DeskScapes Submissions Closed
  7. Nov 19:DeskScapes Community Voting Begins
  8. Nov 23:DeskScapes Community Voting Ends
  9. Nov 26:DeskScapes Winners Announced
  10. Nov 26:WindowBlinds Submissions Closed
  11. Dec 03:WindowBlinds Community Voting Begins
  12. Dec 07:WindowBlinds Community Voting Ends
  13. Dec 10:WindowBlinds Winners Announced
  14. Dec 12:GUI Championships Grand Finale (Overall Winners Announced)


by DaveBax

My latest entry to the GUIC. Liked the way the colors came together and wanted to share it here. Hope you enjoy it. For Windown 7 only.

GUI Champs 2012 Overall Winners!
Published on December 12, 2012 By Island Dog
Today marks the end of the 2012 GUI Champs as we are excited to announce the overall winners of the competition!  We would first like to thank everyone who participated in the events and to the community who helped make this another great event.

Now for the winners!

Overall Winner in WindowBlinds

Galaxus 7 by roflmfaoo

$650 Cash, Official GUI Champs Medal, 1 Year Object Desktop Subscription and 1 Year WinCustomize Subscription


Overall Winner in Wallpapers ...
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