Welcome to the 2012 GUI Championships!

The GUI's is the ultimate Graphical User Interface (GUI) competition. Graphics designers from around the world will be competing in four primary skinning categories. It is a way to help support the community of individuals who create alternative graphical user interfaces and also just to have some good old fun!


The 2012 GUI Championships will cover Stardock's WindowBlinds as well as Static and Animated Wallpapers. There will be three events per category; Most Usable, Most Creative, Best Overall.

The contest will begin on September 4th, 2012. Starting on that date, submissions will be accepted via the competition website. See the contest schedule below for individual event cut-off dates and announcements.


Event Prizes Cut-Off Date Judging User Voting Winner Announced
Most Usable
Link 10/31/2012 10/31/2012 11/01 - 11/06 11/07/2012
Most Creative
Link 10/31/2012 10/31/2012 11/01 - 11/06 11/07/2012
Best Overall
Link 10/31/2012 10/31/2012 12/12/2012
Most Usable
Link 11/07/2012 11/07/2012 11/08 - 11/13 11/14/2012
Most Creative
Link 11/07/2012 11/07/2012 11/08 - 11/13 11/14/2012
Best Overall
Link 11/07/2012 11/07/2012 12/12/2012
Most Usable
Link 11/28/2012 11/28/2012 11/29 - 12/04 12/05/2012
Most Creative
Link 11/28/2012 11/28/2012 11/29 - 12/04 12/05/2012
Best Overall
Link 11/28/2012 11/28/2012 12/12/2012


  1. Eligibility
    The 2012 GUI Championships is open to users from all around the globe.  There are three primary requirements to be eligible to participate in the competition:
    • You must be a legal adult in your country of residence (i.e. 18+ in the United States)
    • You must have an account on GUIChamps.com (or a general Stardock account) in good-standing
    • You are not a full-time employee of any of the following companies:
      • Stardock
      • WinCustomize
      • Logitech
  2. Registration
    To submit an entry to the competition, you must have a Stardock.net account and be logged into the site.  Signing up for an account is free and takes just minutes.  Go here to sign up.  If you already have a Stardock.net account, you can use it to login to this site.  You must have a valid and current email associated with your account as this is how you will be notified of entry acceptance/rejection, and how we will contact you regarding any prizes you may win.
  3. Entries
    1. All entries must be NEW and ORIGINAL artwork that has not been submitted to any other gallery or site prior to September 4th, 2012.
      • Entries can be submitted to other sites once they have been approved and posted publicly to the GUI Champs competition galleries.
    2. You may not obtain permission from other artists to incorporate their work into your submission.  Everything submitted, every graphical element must be entirely the creation of the person submitting.
    3. No use of stock imagery, corporate logos, or other promotional material.
    4. No pornographic or copyrighted material will be accepted!
    5. Enter as often as you want, but every entry must be different.  No variations on the same artwork, please.
  4. Technical Requirements
    The following are the minimum technical requirements for submissions.  Failure to meet these basic requirements will result in immediate disqualification of the relevant contest entry.
    • All Entries
      • Must include a preview image 1024x768 or larger JPEG file.  This image must show off the entry accurately.
      • If compressed, must be .zip files.  No other archive formats are accepted.  No self-extracting executables
    • Static Wallpapers
      • Must have an accurate preview icon image
      • Minimum resolution: 1280x720
      • Multiple resolutions can be included in the same .zip file. You must note all resolutions included in the skin description
    • Animated Desktops
      • Must be in .Dream format (use DreamMaker)
      • Must have an accurate preview icon image
      • Minimum resolution: 1280x720
      • Multiple resolutions can be included in the same .zip file.  You must note all resolutions included in the skin description
      • Animation must loop seamlessly
      • Animation must be at least 5 seconds long
    • WindowBlinds
      • Must be created for WindowBlinds 7
      • Submissions must be in .wba format
      • Skins can either be built for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Both.  However, you are required to note which OSes are supported in the skin name as follows:
        • [7] - Windows 7 only
        • [Vista] - Windows Vista Only
        • [7/Vista] - Works on both Windows Vista and 7
        • Example: My Skin of Awesomeness [Vista]
  5. Moderation
    All contest entries are reviewed upon submission by the event organizers.  Prior to being posted to the competition gallery and formally entered for judging, they are reviewed for technical completeness, compliance with all contest rules, and for basic quality.  Not all entries are guaranteed to be accepted into the competition.  If, upon review, a submission is found to not meet either the technical or quality requirements for entry it will be declined and a note will be sent to the author explaining why their entry was not accepted.  At this point, the author can revise their work to meet the requirements and resubmit.

    Moderation of an entry can take 1-2 business days.  Please be patient while we review your work.
  6. Rights & Ownership
    The author of an entry agrees to grant Stardock a license to use and redistribute their skins and include their skins on CDs and other materials.  Ownership of the skin remains with the skin author.
  7. Prizes
    • Prizes are awarded to individuals per the prize list. 
    • Winners will be notified by email within 4 weeks of the end of the competition and the posting of the final winners on the competition website.
    • Winners may be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility and a publicity/liability release
    • Winners have 14 business days to respond with shipping details and any signed documentation.  Failure to reply within 14 days will result in forfeiture of prizes.  Forfeited prizes will be awarded to an alternative winner at the discretion of the competition organizers.
    • By accepting the prize, winner agrees to the use of his/her name, photo and/or likeness in any promotion/advertising activities related to this contest without further compensation, except where prohibited.
    • By accepting a prize, winner agrees to release the contest sponsors and its agencies from any and all liability for injuries and/or damages of any kind sustained in connection with the prize.
  8. Judging
    Judging & the selection of contest winners will be handled in two stages.
    1. Critical Judging
      All entries will be reviewed by a panel of three Stardock judges and assigned a score in each event they are eligible for.  At the end of the judge voting period, the top 5 ranked skins will be designated finalists and move on to the user voting round. 
    2. User Voting
      Users will vote on the 5 finalists as selected by the judges in each event.  Users will have three votes to cast in each event.  Users can cast their votes in any combination they choose; 1 vote per skin, 3 votes for 1 skin etc.  Users must be registered and logged onto the competition website in order to vote.
    3. The top three skins in each event will be awarded medals, each with an associated point value to determine the top overall skinners and teams of the entire competition.  In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the competition organizers.
      1. Gold Medal (1st Place) = 5 Points
      2. Silver Medal (2nd Place) = 3 Points
      3. Bronze Medal (3rd Place) = 2 Points
  9. Notification & Late Entries
    We are not responsible for lost or late entries.  If winning contestants do not respond to email notifications within 14 business days, the prize will be awarded to an alternative winner chosen by the competition organizers.
  10. Rules Modifications
    Stardock reserves the right to modify these rules at its discretion.
  11. Cancellation of Events
    An event must have at least 10 entries to be considered viable.  Non-viable events will be null and void.
Country Total
9 9 9 27
Team Name Total
Contest In Progress...
Skinner Name Total
ChaNinja 2 1 1 4
TheMasterBaron 1 0 3 4
roflmfaoo 2 0 0 2
neone6 1 1 0 2
k10w3 0 1 2 3
CarGuy1 0 2 0 2