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Added on October 11, 2012 by TheMasterBaron In WallPapers
This wallpaper is an interesting fractal render that has a natural depth of field effect in it. Look for a dream submission for this fractal to come and this appears to animate very well. 1920x1200

#1 by Island Dog

11:47 AM, November 5, 2012
Nice effects and mix of colors.
Nice effects and mix of colors.

#1 by Roloccolor

5:39 AM, October 13, 2012


#2 by DEVJIT

10:43 AM, October 14, 2012

very cool with the blur effect best of luck..my friend havnt seen u arnd ...good to see you back.

#3 by TheMasterBaron

2:32 PM, October 14, 2012

Thanks, it feels good to get back to doing some of these and catching up on what I've missed.

#4 by Sed

11:33 AM, October 15, 2012

Nice Nice work!!!

#5 by xinh2

5:39 PM, October 18, 2012

This is super cool. Cannot wait for your Dream based on this! If it is half as good as those you did for the last GUIC I will be using it for a LONG time.

#6 by teddybearcholla

6:31 PM, October 24, 2012

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By TheMasterBaron

On October 11, 2012


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