free Xbox Gold Membership codes

If one wants to play online with Xbox, one needs to get a subscription of Xbox Live Gold Membership. It comes in three, six, and twelve months of membership. Xbox Gold membership is available as an online code and as a physical card. Once the code is available to us, it is easy to redeem and sign up. 

  • If you have got the online code, it would be emailed to you.
  • But if you have the physical card, the code is printed inside the packaging. We need to scratch the code area to reveal the code.

How To redeem Xbox Gold Membership codes

The steps that should be followed for the subscription are mentioned below. One can follow the same to enjoy the membership.

  • Open the Xbox Store on your Microsoft device.
  • Select the option “Xbox live Gold.”

[If you don’t have a code, you can still buy it from the store. Just select the link to the membership you want. ]

  • If you have the code, select the option “redeem a code.”
  • Now you need to sign in to the Xbox ID you haven’t yet signed in.
  • Next, you need to select “enter code “on the screen.
  • Once the code is wholly entered, press “A” on the controller in your hand.
  1. Now, you have successfully been subscribed to Xbox Gold.
  2. There are several benefits of being a Gold Member. 
  3. One can download four free games a month. 
  4. You can also get various kinds of discounts on popular game downloads. 

Free Xbox Gold Membership codes 2021

One precaution that needs to be taken care of is that one should not buy a gift card for getting the gold pass. One should also not ask for the free Xbox gift cards after that. It would save one’s time and energy.

The advertisements that promise you a free Xbox gold membership are most of the time scams. Here, your personal information may be at the risk of being stolen away by them. 

Other ways to play games with Xbox gold are :

  • There are several free selected games for the trial period when you buy individual titles.
  • Sometimes, Microsoft reveals the free weekend games that one can play for a limited time.
  • The best way to have the Gold membership for free is by earning and saving the rewards while playing on some other titles. 
  • One can certainly save it for the Gold membership in the future. 
  • You can easily earn reward points by daily using the Bing search engine, the Microsoft Edge, etc. 
  • One can also collect rewards ID one shops on Microsoft store. 
  • More reward points will make you liable for a certain amount of discounts on the purchase of the Xbox Live Gold membership. 
  • TIPS – A member of the Xbox Gold doe three months may cost approximately 16,000 reward points. 

All the myths should be cleared off the mind about the free subscription. There are ways to achieve it. One needs to work hard to earn some points and after that use those collected points and upgraded rank or level to buy the new subscription of Xbox Live Gold.

One important thing to keep in mind is that if one has already subscribed for the Xbox Live Gold, one cannot go for the trial version of the same. One also cannot go for another trial before the current period of trial comes to an end. 

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