Nintendo Labo Kits review

A ‘toys to life’ concept by Nintendo, Labo is a perfect introduction to VR, and it brings an amazing experience to the user.

Nintendo is a well-known video game company, and it has created some of the popular best-selling video games, for example, Mario and Pokemon.

Nintendo Labo review

Nintendo Labo VR Kit is yet another example that shows how Nintendo uses simple technology for innovation. It feels like magic that it do things with cardboard and electronics.

Let’s dig into it and review the product. It’s a technological interesting, and fun-to-play toy that is for experimenting and finding new ways to make something work.

All about the software

The Nintendo Labo software contains three sections, namely Make, Play, and Discover. All three sections have different functions. The Make section of contains all the instructional guides telling how to put together your Toy-Cons.

The Play section is the place where you’ll find all the mini-games (each Toy-Con contains at least one game). And the third one, Discover, is the place where you can find the way exactly how the Toy-Cons and Joy-Cons work and know-how to fix a problem with.

The making of any of the Toy-con could be tough. But it could not be too tough for an adult. You will find a large number of cardboard sheets in the box. The sheets are color-coded to indicate which Toy-con you’re making. 

It also comes with various eyelets, string, and straps needed to make Toy-cons. The game is very attractive. It makes you indulge in building more complex Toy-cons like the racing bike handles or the piano. But you should start off from basic Joy-con holder. It will take 10 to 20 minutes, or it could be lesser if you’re more creative in building Toy-cons.


Nintendo wants its users to be creative, and they don’t feel bored while playing. They suggest their users take breaks during longer constructions. The move is highly appreciated as it shows how they concern more about the construction process and make it more enjoyable.

There is a Robot kit, a more advanced but interesting one. To build Toy-cons from a Robot-Kit, it will take a minimum of three hours. So, it’s basically for adults who require more patience and effort.

The games in the playing section are more engaging as there are lots of mini-games like fishing rod game, dollhouse mini-game, etc. You will never get bored of them.

The Discover section lets you explore how all your work results in a functioning Toy-con. You get to know the stuff that can help you improve your play further.

There is a secret section in Labo, Toy-con Garage is where you can come up with new, unique, and exciting ways to play. It will open if you have spent some time exploring the Discover section of the game.


The cost of Vehicle kit is 69.99 USD, where Robot Kit is a bit costlier at 79.99 USD.

So, this was the review of Nintendo Labo. The product is worth checking out; you will fall in love with it. Hope you like the article.

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